Google Voice + Asterisk = Breaks Forwarding?

Searched the forums and couldn’t find anybody else with a similar issue.

So I setup Asterisk 1.8.3 on my SheevaPlug a couple days to get Google Voice and CNAM working, everything went relatively smooth, it all works like it did before with PlugPBX 1.0 (minus Flashybrid, didn’t bother installing that yet). Used this guide: … eepbx.html

My question is, does logging into Google Talk using Asterisk break anybody else’s call forwards via Google Voice? It’s strange, I can enable Google Chat forwarding in GV and login to GTalk via Gmail voice/video and everything works normally (i.e. my cell phone will ring alongside my gchat when somebody calls my GV number), but if I connect to GTalk using Asterisk (gmail not logged into), then only my Asterisk will ring, my cell phone doesn’t ring at all.

Is that expected behavior? Kind of defeats the purpose of me wrangling with SheevaPlug to get Asterisk and FreePBX compiled on there, can’t even use my GV number anymore if Asterisk connects to GV.