Google Talk on Optware on Asterisk1.82 not working.. help?


I installed Optware upon a Linksys 600N router into the opt folder mounted into a usb drive. Got that working no problem. Wanted latest release of Asterisk so I did a ‘ipkg remove asterisk’ and a ‘ipkg install asterisk18’. A lot of recommendations came up that this and that should be installed. I ignored most of that for the most part. Then I attached a Linksys Spa-3102 and filled the fields as best as I could according to various tutorials and was able to get Asterisk recognize the 3102. All lights were green and a ‘show peers’ showed that the fxo ports were working. Got a dial tone. So I tried to dial out and CLI gave an error that gtalk channel not recognized. As I am a bit of noob can anyone help me out with this?


Note: I have a google voice account and enabled google chat and placed my username and google password in the jabber, sip, and extension.conf files.


Here’s a good overview on configuring Google Talk: … ing+Google

that’s for a regular x86 system, so I can’t say what kinds of challenges you might run into on an embedded platform. There are some folks on the forums who have done that, so they might be able to assist.


Hi Dave,

I was really happy to see this post. I am using a LinkSys WRT600N flashed with DD-WRT mega 14929, Asterisk.

I just signed up to this site in hopes that I can get my WRT600N “asterisk” to work with google phone calls.

I just installed the OptWare and my asterisk is version

Would you be willing to collaborate? I am just at the beginning stages and trying to learn this stuff.

I am totally lost on the GUI page and not sure what files need what changed (settings)…