Good MacOS AEL editor

Dear all,
I would really appreciate any advice regarding a good AEL editor that can run on MacOS.

For starters, I would like to inject a note that I tried a few ones (Sublime Text 3, Atom, Brackets, etc), however all of them have a very poor or I’d dare to say shallow syntax highlighting capabilities for AEL comparing to Notepad++, which doesn’t run on MacOS at all (i don’t consider any emulation, just native run). I also took a stab at editing Sublime theme files to add more syntax recognition, but it was painful and unsuccessfully that I called it quits. I believe that many people use Mac and Asterisk. I just wonder how they deal with the situation.

Thank you.
With regards, Evgenii.

Console + nano or in worst cases Console + vi
But never liked AEL so using normal dialplan.