Going to pull my hair out! no sound on second plus calls

Hi Guys,

Im using a 101D zap card and have 10 lines on it. The weird thing is, inbound calls are fine, but outbound calls is weird because the first call will work fine, then the second call and any call after that will have one way audio (the called person can hear everything but the caller cannot hear anything)…

using asterisk 1.4.19

Thanx in advance

Never heard of such an issue before. Are the phones behind NAT ? Try calling Sangoma and see what they say.

well we found the cause, its hardware echo cancellation… we’re yet to find its a faulty card…

im suspecious it could be the sangoma card with the 1.4 version of asterisk because im noticing slight instabilities,

does anyone have any insite on a way to enable hardware echo cancellation and be able to make more then one call at a time?