Going Back to Asterisk@Home ... *Now is too NOW for Me!

I will continue to watch the forums for more data, but I am going back to * @ Home. Seems like this new flavor is just too BETA for my skill set. Probably just me, but this install seems to be too hard to get working, and too hard to diagnose issues. Also seems to be a lot less help in the user community so far.

See ya soon!

spent some time in asterisk (bare), and you’ll feel very satisfied when you m ake your first call !!

good luck,


I find that using a standard distro setup as server and turning on only the things I need… I used fedora… and then download and compile asterisk sources… including the GUI and I have a working phone system in less than 2 hours from start to finish… astrecipes is a place I started… I dont have the link in front of me but it gave great insight into a simple build from scratch that was easy, and the asterisk-gui though not perfect seems to work pretty good for what I need…