Gigaset N300IP no 'ringing' with PJSIP. Ok with Chan_SIP

While I am unable to debug for the moment (the system is live on chan_sip), I will be able to test/debug in a couple of weeks when I am adding a new gigaset handset.

basically, with chan_pjsip, any outbound call out the SIP trunk did not ‘ring’ (no call progress tone on the originating Gigaset handset). When the remote party answered, the call connected and there was audio.

I changed to chan_sip and it was fine.

I could see the 183 session progress etc but for whatever reason it just didn’t work.

I tried pjsip’s inband progress option and that made no difference.

While I am sure it’s probably a bug in the handset’s implementation, I just wanted to bring it up now in case anybody who knows the code might have a lightbulb moment in their head for why this might have happened.

Without a log to show what the actual signaling is doing as well as the configuration then can’t really say why… could be that chan_sip is faking the ringing while chan_pjsip isn’t.

Maybe. Just wanted to get some feelers out in advance. I provided logs to the chaps in the #freepbx IRC channel. It was 2 - 3 weeks ago.
I can do the same again soon when I’m setting up the next gigaset extension.
The extension was remote, nat, if that matters.
just checked my xchat logs but I think i must’ve been on a different laptop when I posted the logs to pastebin :frowning:

got the logs… one min

sorry the forum won’t let me post.

says new users can only put 2 links in a post. It thinks the sip URIs are hyperlinks.

This is PJSIP. Please note that I had temporarily disabled my mikrotik sip_alg at the remote extension side during this log/trace, but it made no difference to the problem.

and here is the working chan_sip trace:
(I had re-enabled the sip_alg on that trace)

Try using preformatted text, You need to anyway for anything that contains angle brackets, and it might no longer treat the URI’s as links for the anti-spam test.

Thanks David. That is what I was doing actually and it wouldn’t allow it.