Getting two systems to work together

I have a school bell and paging system with IP endpoints that uses Asterisk on the back end. I am registering it to a school’s Mitel system using a SIP trunk, so they can use their phones to place calls to the IP endpoints and to place pages.

The problem is, that there are overlaps of extension numbers from the schools phones with the extension numbers programmed in the bell/paging system for the IP endpoints. This has resulted in failed calls, with a 401 error response when a phone attempts to call in if its extension matches a IP speaker extension.

I am not thoroughly versed in phone systems, are there any ways that I could attempt to resolve this conflict? Trying to spoof the incoming phone extensions as coming from a single unprogrammed extension in the bell system comes to mind, but I wouldn’t know where to start with this.

Which channel driver are you using? This typically happens when using the, obsolete, chan_sip driver and copying and pasting poorly designed configurations that use type=friend, when they should use type=peer.

With chan_pjsip, the default is match by IP address, and the “trunks” should be matched with type=identify sections, which take preference over From header matches.

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