Getting MTP receivebuf issue (Urgent Help required)

Dear All,

I am getting MTP receivebuf issue, The problem arises when there are above 25 active channels. I am using chan_ss7 version 2.1, asterisk-, and dahdi-linux-complete-2.6.2.

Now, at first things work well:
“ss7 link status” shows that both link are INSERVICE.
“ss7 linestat” shows that all CICs go into Idle status.
Calls flow in both directions ok, but after 10 to 15mins. Eventually, something exhausts itself and everything falls apart with the following message flooding repeatedly,
mtp.c:413 mtp_put: Full MTP receivebuf, event lost, type=15.

My configs are attached above,

Please help me out its urgent…thanks in advance


Muhammad Shahzad

My guess is that you are more likely to find someone who knows about that, third party, channel driver on

I think the chances of your getting a fast answer are rather low.