Getting error has occurred when try to leave a voicemail

hey guys
I am getting a voice message saying “error has occurred” when trying to leave a voicemail onto my extensions what do I to fix this problem?

after 15 views and still no reply’s or help? may I please get some help.

15 views is not a lot. You have to find someone who has had the same problem, or you will have to provide detailed debugging output.

Please also read item 6 in the posting rules.

well please tell me where I could look for the detailed debugging output because I dont know where to look for that at. so that is why I am asking.

Please read:

I did read that pdf but it didnt tell me jack about the problem so can somebody please help.

Page 117

im just going to let every know that I am using asteriskNOW and is the same directory as page 117 said it was at?

Page 117 contains the heading “Enabling Verbosity and Debugging”. It says nothing about AsteriskNow.

ok I am asking if its the same setup as what the e-book is say for asterisk even its askteriskNOW setup?

AsteriskNow is just a GUI frontend for the standard Asterisk code. However it has its own forums, e.g. So if you are using, or intending to use, it you should ask your questions there.

I have asked and get no help so that is why I am asking.

The CLI interface should work exactly the same. However the problem you are likely to have in this forum is that even if we can work out what the problem is, we will probably try and fix it in terms of modifying /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, etc., but AsteriskNow can only modify them in limited ways, and we won’t know what those limits are, or what GUI functions you need to use to make the changes that are possible. Direct changes to the file may prevent your making subsequent changes using the GUI.

Also, if a fix is needed in the AsteriskNow code, especially if it is a usability issue (i.e. the correct way of configuring it is not obvious to people in its target market), the relevant developers won’t become aware of the problem.