Getting Error: 3RD_T2_TIMEOUT while using T38 on Asterisk 10


I’m getting error: ’ FAX session ‘9’ is complete, result: ‘FAILED’ (FAX_FAILURE_PARTIAL), error: ‘3RD_T2_TIMEOUT’, pages: 1, resolution: ‘204x196’, transfer rate: ‘9600’, remoteSID: ‘’ ’ when I tried send fax more than 2 pages to Asterisk using T.38.

First I set speed rate to 14400 which I was getting same error message while sending 2 fax pages document. Later I set the speed rate for sending fax machine to 9600(which is the lowest speed rate available fax machine), I was able to send 2 pages document fax but tried to send 3 pages document, I’m getting this error message.

The Asterisk version I’m using is 10.4.2. Please advise me at earliest to overcome this issue

Note: Logs can also be provided as per request

What happens if you do not use T38?