Getting constant register request

Hello, I’m getting constant register request from DID supplier and sometimes is taking up to 6 re-tries. Is there a way to avoid this or this a suppliers problem?

Also getting Maximum retries exceeded on transmission. Is this also related to the first problem?

How can I solve these problems?

Thank you.

your supplier is registering to YOU? or you are registering to the supplier and it keeps repeating? If it keeps repeating that could be a low expiery time.

as for the max retries exceeded if you are behind a nat make sure localnet= and externip= are set and you have nat=yes set in the general section…

Thank you. This is the message I’m getting.

chan_sip.c:7085 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #4)

As for the max retries, I was missing nat. Just set it up.

Thank you sir.

yes this is you registering to them. Not sure why its timing out though.

If you still get it after setting up NAT, try looking through a sip debug to see if that helps…

Thanks again, have a good weekend.