Getting a NOTICE on a sip I'm not registering nor using

Hello, I have setup asterisk in a remote server-colo and I use my computer at home to comunicate via ssh. Yet I’m getting the following notice at CLI on a sip when I don’t even have a sip.conf setup the file sip.conf is there but registration is comented out, it tells me that it fails for my home network which I have not set anywhere in the system.
What does it mean?

Dec 5 10:08:24 NOTICE[12659]: chan_sip.c:11131 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:myusername@remotserver’ failed for ‘mywan’ - Username/auth name mismatch

Thank you.

This is a device that is requesting to register with your server. If your not using SIP close down port 5060 and the errors will disappear.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I wanted to know whether I was causing the problem.

Yup. Sone one was trying to register with yor box to make calls. You should make sure your box is locked down. A lot of people have outbound dialing set directly in thier default context :frowning: . If the set up is such then people can make calls at your expense.

Once asterisk uses tcp and implements TLS it will be secure.

Note: Asterisk only acts as a SIP registrar and not SIP proxy.
Hence security is important as it maintains user accounts.

Thank you guys. Appreciate the help.