Get the Event record of a NOTIFY header

Dear sir or madam

I woiuld like to have access to a record of the NOTIFY header

This is the Event record. I need it in order to have access to the callerID number shown in the middle of the line

Is there a function I use for this? I tried the SIP_HEADER() function but it does not seam to work

I give you a SIP debug exmple that includes the event line I want

Thanks in advance

<— SIP read from UDP:// —>
NOTIFY sip: SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-49258d61
From: “PSTN2” sip:pstn2@;tag=762e824c9d49c91co1
To: sip:
Call-ID: 9d8a919d-f60f26a2@
CSeq: 8476 NOTIFY
Max-Forwards: 70
Event: fxo-port-state;pstn2;0;1;P2@;2104862548;0;;;1;3;d3dc8259-dc698cf9@;;
User-Agent: Cisco/SPA8800-6.1.11(XU)
Content-Length: 0

There is no current ability in chan_pjsip or chan_sip to access this information from the dialplan. To provide any ability to get this information would require code modifications and additions I’m afraid.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Can I enable the debug feature during a call get the data and use an sh script to parse it?
will it work?