Get ID to whom i transfer in a Queue

I would like to get the identification to whom I transferred a call when it was answered on a queue hrough the file queue_log. Is it possible to identify when I use Attended transfer or FLASH?

If I use Blind transfer it works fine.

DAHDI/25 to 5032


But if I use Attended transfer or FLASH, it doesn’t show to whom I transfered, show BRIDGE:

DAHDI/29 to BRIDGE 86c96189-a630-457e-aa53-fd82465d4832


It is happen on Asterisk 13.

When I was using Asterisk 11 and was doing a transfer by using FLASH the output was that:

DAHDI/32 to 8485


How can I back to use this info on Asterisk 13 like was on Asterisk 11?