Get Asterisk/Trixbox to ignore digits that were unnecessaril

I have removed the NEED to dial 933 or 1+933 for long distance or local calls already. Additionally, what I want to do is to have Asterisk IGNORE these digits if someone unnecessarily dials them.

So, Joe Dirt calls 1-933-337-0003 when he really could have dialed 337-0003 since it was a local call. Right now, Asterisk is telling him to hang up and try again since this is a local call, and the 1 and/or 933 is not necessary. I want Asterisk to realize Joe Dirt is dumb, and just ignore the extra digits that were dialed and continue his call as though he had only dialed 337-0003.*

*While keeping the existing rules in place.

Here’s the trunk right now: 1+NXXNXXXXXX 933|NXXXXXX 1933|NXXXXXX Still cannot dial 933-337-0003 because it always adds the 1 to the front and then tells me it’s not a long distance call. (because it’s not) I just need to find a way to add the 1 to all calls EXCEPT ones that start with 933 AND are local. Some 933 calls are not local, these still need the +1.

exten => _1+933.,1,Goto(${EXTEN:5},1)
exten => 933XXXX.,1,Goto(${EXTEN:3},1)