Geolocation notice logs


After upgrading Asterisk to v16.28.0 I keep getting the following log line

NOTICE[102627]: res_pjsip_geolocation.c:497 handle_outgoing_request: PJSIP/XXXX-0001c46f: Endpoint has no geoloc_outgoing_call_profile

I don’t really know much about geolocation in the PJSIP context, I just want to make it happy so it does not pollute my logs. So a few questions:

  1. Can I disable geolocation completely and get rid of this message ?
  2. If not possible to disable, can I create some kind of geolocation profile that does nothing at all so the message goes away without changing anything ?

Thanks for you time.

That was fixed in a subsequent release.

Thanks a lot, will upgrade.

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