General telephony question - splitting pri


This may not be the right forum for this question but i can’t find anything more appropriate.

Is it possible to split (say put a switch) a pri cat 5 cable so that i have 2 phone systems plugged in.

The point isn’t to route calls to one or the other but rather to have both “live” while testing the setup, so that we can test incoming and outgoing without shutting the other system down.

The other system is non sip so we can’t piggy asterisk back onto it.

If not - we need to test after hours only which is pain in the …


Negative. PRI’s point-to-point; not point-to-multi-point.

Any suggestions as to how I can test live without killing the old roof supporting tower we have for a phone system

I’d focus on putting Asterisk in front of the other system. PRI in to Asterisk, PRI out to other system.

Then, peel off things to Asterisk that you want to take away from the old system. You’ll have to take down the old system to stick Asterisk in the middle, so do it on a weekend.

I would need a second pri card in the asterisk then ? - no room for it in the rack server

You’d need a card with more than one port.

ok - so i am SOL then in this case ?

i guess it’s gonna be evening work for a week or so :frowning:


What you are trying to do is something like this. … he-middle/

yes - too bad i only have a single port t1 card so this isn’t an option for me

Can you not swap the single port card for a dualport, or use a gateway such as the Digium ones

Otherwise you are not goong to be able to do it.

i dont’ want to buy another card only for testing = and i can’t use ip gateway as old systems is pri only

no problem, a few late nights at the office after everyone leaves - nothing some loud music can’t make up for :smile:

hey - we are all here to share and learn :smile:

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