G729 - Whe call is Answered, Asterisk CLI still shows Ring


I have recently installed G729 on Asterisk 1.2.23

G729 version:

Digium G.729A Module Version 1.2_3.1.4

I’m also purchased Eyebeam 1.5 that support g729.

I called from my extension to another extension, phone rings, answer the call… no problem. I then hang up the call and place another call, phone ring, click “Answer” on eyebeam, but on the Asterisk end, CLI, doesn’t show that the call was actually answered… it show as “Ringing” and I just hear the phone is ringing then hangs up (i have no voice mail setup)

is this related to DTMF?

this is what I have for each extensions in sip.conf:



I have tested with a Cisco 7940 and this works every time…no issue at all…

it seems that this is an Eyebeam issue… is there any setting in Eyebeam that’s causing this?

After testing multiple times on two separate networks it seems that the issue is on client’s firewall…

we think that the firewall doesn’t like the way x-lite is sending the ACK back to the server… since Cisco ip phone is working just fine… ACK does leave the PC but never makes it to our server…

I thought I’ll post this in case if someone experienced the same issue.