G729 Decoding Some Reason

I use ORIGINATE to have it call a person via sip thru an itsp at g729, and connect them to a phpagi script i wrote and play a g729 recorded message to them. Some reason it is using decoding licenses, and i have no idea why. Here is some debugging stuff, any help?

!!!I record it with this
exten => s,n,Record(callblast2outbound/${CUSTID}:g729)

!!!Here is the phpagi file that it connects the callee to
$agi->exec(‘Read’, ‘keypress1,callblast2outbound/’.$CUSTID.’,1,1,1’);

!!!Here it is showing that its not decoding yet
<SIP/goandcall-out-09fda448>AGI Rx << VERBOSE “check_for_licenses” 1
84-16-251*CLI> g729 show licenses
0/0 encoders/decoders of 2 licensed channels are currently in use

!!!Now its going to PLAY/READ that message we recorded
– Accepting a maximum of 1 digits.
– <Local/1234234@internal-e50d;1> Playing ‘callblast2outbound/24-1234234.g729’ (language ‘en’)
== Spawn extension (internal, 01234234, 1) exited non-zero on ‘Local/1234234@internal-e50d;2’

!!!It played now lets check the licenses again
<SIP/goandcall-out-09fda448>AGI Rx << VERBOSE “check_for_license_again” 1
84-16-251*CLI> g729 show licenses
0/1 encoders/decoders of 2 licensed channels are currently in use

It shows it is now decoding the channel…All it did was read a recorded g729 message to a g729 channel (that goes to itsp as g729)


Internally Asterisk is slin so without checking too deeply even though youa re playing the message as g729 it will play it as g729 but transcode its via slin.

Too busy to check but this is basicly the same as when recording calls.


call from eyebeam g729 out itsp via g729 with no decoding.
call from eyebeam g729 into asterisk and play a g729 recorded file with no decoding

but if i originate a call between th eyebeam out to the itsp and play the g729 recorded file it decodes.

From what i read it is something with the originate cmd.
It is creating a local channel that calls out the itsp,
then connecting it to the phpagi script that does the BACKGROUND cmd.

I assume since its local its doing slin to g729 and thats why its decoding.
I dont know. Any idea? Im desperate.

here is a sip show channel of the call