G729 codec license +drbd

I have two asterisk servers work together with drbd. I need to install G.729 codec license for asterisk.
Will it work if I install it on drbd replica partition on primary server?
The license file will be copied and second server will use it when the first server will go down. But I don’t know if the license will be recognized correctly by asterisk.
Uploading license on both servers are a little bit expensive and not so easy to configure with drbd.
Could somebody help with this issue?


AFAIK no it wont be recognized. the licence file is matched against the mac address of the primary nic.

when you set up the drdb you didnt do it for the whole partition did you?

we only sync the voicemail and a few other few things this way. and I can see no reason to sync /var/lib/asterisk directory at all.