G729 Annexb - Asterisk

How can I activate annexb in Asterisk,

Looks like it is not possible without some code changes. From res_format_attr_g729.c (where it sets the parameter):

 * According to the rfc the joint annexb format parameter should be set to 'yes'
 * or 'no' based on the answerer (rfc7261 - 3.3). However, Asterisk being a B2BUA
 * makes things tricky. So for now Asterisk will set annexb=no.
ast_str_append(str, 0, "a=fmtp:%u annexb=no\r\n", payload);

And sounds like adding it in may not be simple matter.

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Hi, do you know which directory this file is in?


“res”. I think all the source files beginning with “res_” are in that directory.

I found the files but, unfortunately failed to run g729b on asterisk. As far as I understand I’m having trouble with support due to vas.

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