G722 Call Recording Fails after Upgrade to Asterisk 11.17.0

A FreePBX system with an extension using G722 configured to record outbound calls, fails to record calls after upgrading from Asterisk 11.16.0 to 11.17.0. A .wav file with a 44 byte RIFF header is created, but no audio is recorded.

– Executing [out@sub-record-check:1] ExecIf(“SIP/10-00000000”, “1?Set(__REC_POLICY_MODE=always)”) in new stack
– Executing [out@sub-record-check:2] GosubIf(“SIP/10-00000000”, “1?record,1(exten,8005551212,10)”) in new stack
– Executing [record@sub-record-check:1] Set(“SIP/10-00000000”, “AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT(MixMonitor)=yes”) in new stack
– Executing [record@sub-record-check:2] MixMonitor(“SIP/10-00000000”, “2015/04/05/out-8005551212-10-20150405-144037-1428262837.0.wav,”) in new stack
== Begin MixMonitor Recording SIP/10-00000000
– Executing [record@sub-record-check:3] Set(“SIP/10-00000000”, “__REC_STATUS=RECORDING”) in new stack
– Executing [record@sub-record-check:4] Set(“SIP/10-00000000”, “CDR(recordingfile)=out-8005551212-10-20150405-144037-1428262837.0.wav”) in new stack

== MixMonitor close filestream (mixed)
== End MixMonitor Recording SIP/10-00000000

Reconfiguring the extension to use ULAW instead of G722 corrects the problem.

Downgrading from 11.17.0 to 11.16.0 corrects the problem. Only Asterisk is changed during the upgrading/downgrading.

Any chance this change is the culprit?:

2015-03-12 12:57 +0000 [r432807-432810]

Is there a more proper place to submit a bug report?


The culprit is audiohook.c that was changed on: 2015-03-12 12:57 +0000 [r432807-432810]

I replaced the audiohook.c in 11.17.0 with the one from 11.16.0, recompiled, and the problem is gone.

Do the relevant software developers monitor this forum such that they’ll be aware of this bug?