FXS failure with astlinus (live CD)

Thanks to previous help from this group, i have now bought a TDM11B and try to run astlinux .
The FXO installs, but not the FXS. It seems to die on the calibration issue.
yes, I have powered the card’s power connector; and I use FXS signalling for FXO module, and vice versa.
I moved the FXS module to different “slots” on the TDM400: to no avail.

I Googled a lot to find similar failures and fixes, but all I found at this stage is to change the FXS module (Unfortunately I have only one).

I am reluctant to conclude that the module is bad (assuming some quality control at Digium), even if some infant mortality occasionally happens.

I am looking for suggestions, ideas, … solutions!?
I don’t even know really, what additional info to give you: maybe you can suggest what part of dmesg screens or other, would be useful

Thanks for the push.

My first thought was: this is an installation issue, and Digium (or whoever the reseller) offers installation support on any card purchase. Even though Digium is not rated very high for support, it’s worth a try. (Does Astlinux provide a means to connect to the Digium test IAX IVR? That’ll give you some “cool” feeling :smile: ) But Digium may not be able to help Astlinux issues.

Some people do complain that out-of-the-box experience by using out-of-the-box packages such as Astlinux is often spoiled by hardware issues. There might be an Astlinux group that could offer specific diagnosis, though.

On the generic side, you could post some specific messages that you think Astlinux indicated failure. Or if such commands exist, result from ztcfg -vv. And yes, relevant portions of dmesg output could be helpful.

Before you try a generic installation of Asterisk using manual recommended method, it’s hard to deem the module defective. (But the Digium manual often contains obsolete and incomplete information. :unamused: )