Fxotune on a pulse line

I’m getting failures from fxotune.

If I understand correctly. the -i 4 uses 4 to clear the dialtone so that fxotune can hear the open line. I’m thinking that since I have a pulse line that does not respond to DTMF tones directly the dialtone is not being cleared when the ‘4’ is sent. The dialtone is never cleared and fxotune cannot cope with the constant dialtone, hence failure.

Asterisk is able to deal with the pulse situation but of course is not operating when fxotune is in use. Is there a workaround to clear the dialtone using a pulse?

I read that fxotune has problems when clearing the dialtone. There is a new version of fxotune that you can download from here svn.digium.com/view/zaptel/trunk/fxotune.c
You should download into your Zaptel directory and recompiile Zaptel ( make clean ; make ; make install)