FXO Zap Trunk Inbound Routes


Is it possible to have an inbound route assigned just to a Zaptel FXO channel so when it is called it will route through to a extension. Instead of the default IVR menu for the other channels. In am using AAH 2.8



go to inbound routes and set the Destination for the ZAP Channel

there is no option to in the inbound route section .
is there code that i can place some were instead
the zap channel is 2 and the extension is 1403



how many Zap channels do you have ? if just the one, you can set the extension in “Incoming Calls”. of course, any other channels that are set to use “Incoming Calls” as the default route will also call this extension.

if you have multiple Zap channels, or don’t want to change other trunks, then you can create a context in extensions_custom.conf and change the context for the Zap channel in question to start in this new context.