Fxo sginalling question

i ordered some lines to test with at our hq before rolling out some new boxes to replace some avaya partners in the field … the local lec is embarq

anyway they delivered them a while back and i called to have them check the options on them and discovered that they did not have disconnect supervision, hangup on disconnect or whatever you want to call it - kewlstart as we know it

i happily placed my order to have it changed - they happily accepted the order , BUT … then they called me back and regretted to inform me that the switch servicing us was too old , out of date , or something and could not provide any disonnect supervision …

after some discussion with them they said the next best bet was ground start signalling - said ok and they provisioned it

THEN i learn after some time trying to configure it that this is not an option with the digium hardware, TDM04B i believe - the 4 port fxo card; heck i thought ground start only applied to analog circuits ?

anyway looking around i see that other FXO implementations for FXO do respect and use Ground Start for disconnect signalling … one example being cisco

cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk652/t … e2d1.shtml

i’ve looked over the following :

asteriskguru.com/tutorials/r … email.html

and still dont like the options

am i missing something ? is there any other hardware anyone would recommend that can utilize ground start with FXO ?

My first reaction would be: if you need to order more than one POTS line (for business, I assume), a better option is to order some BRI and use BRI card(s). The cost is the same and no more headaches, even more benefits.