FXO Ring Through Bypassing Auto Attendant


Is there a way to configure a single FXO port on my TDM400 card to ring through all the time and bypass the settings for the attendant? In other words, when the main line is called during off hours, it is answered by the attendant, but when another line is called it rings a specific extension? Basically, I want to create an “after hours” back line so I can be reached directly anytime of day.

I’m running AAH 2.2 with a Digium TDM400 2 FXO, 1 FXS ports.

sure, use a different context for this channel, and then you can have completely different dialplan actions for any calls that come in on it.


Thanks for the reply. I was figuring that was where this was going. Do you have any examples? I have an idea of how to do it, but am a little overwhelmed by the syntax. Any resources that might explain it?