FXO gateway with two peered Elastix servers

Hello, Please kindly check the attachment of my problem scenario. I connected 2 Elastix servers in two different location and peered them with each other so that they can communicate internally with IAX trunk. Say server1 and server2 are those servers. Server1 is connected with an existing Analog Panosonic PABX system via FXO gateway to communicate between server1 extensions and Analog PABX extensions. Server 1 can reach Analog PABX extensions properly but Server2 cant communicate with Analog Extensions. What is the probable solution for this issue? Please kindly help me regarding this. An attachment is given for clarification.

The probable cause is misconfiguration, subject to provision of adequate logging and configuration information… We cannot support Elastix here.

Thanks for your response.
I already find-out the solution for this problem.