FXO card is not detecting in asterisk 1.4.26 @linux fedora9


I have installed 1.4.26 asterisk on a IBM server .a 24 port digium FXO card also installed in the server.

But it not detecting,while i am open it through GUI.

There is no zaptel.conf file in my linux fedora 9.

should i need to any other software for detecting the fxo cards…

Please reply…

Thanks in advance…

Anoop Chandran

You will need dahdi (or the legacy zaptel), and you will need to have fully installed it, and the corresponding tools, before you make config on asterisk itself.

Note that GUI based Asterisk systems are generally supported in their own forums, which may (e.g. FreePBX) be on a different web site.

Thanks for your reply,

I just installed zaptel and other addons…now the card is detectd.

I configured two SIP extension numbers 6000 &6001
and its communicating each other.
I have installed a direct etisalat phone line to the one of a port in the FXO module.
And i created a trunk for that port.

I configured Outgoing Calling rule and Dial plan without having a proper idea…
we need to callout side from the SIP phone
Can anybody help me on this.
I am searching for a good documentation or sample configuration
I got few documentation,but it is in command line…but im not familier with that.
If anybody me the documentation,i will really appreciate…
…Please advice…


Anoop Chandran