Function SIPPER not working

we have cisco phones and we are running everything beautifully using asterisk pbx server. but the cfwdall button does not work.

i write this codes to extensions.conf

; Enable forwarding
exten => _[x]-cisco-serviceuri-cfwdall-.,1,Answer
same => next,Set(SIPPEER(${CHANNEL(peername)},callforward)=${EXTEN:27})
same => next,Hangup(normal_clearing)

and asterisk debug mode answer:
[Oct 13 20:53:03] ERROR[31382][C-0000001e]: pbx_functions.c:701 ast_func_write: Function SIPPEER cannot be written to

where am i making a mistake ?

The error message states the problem. You can’t alter a SIP peer using SIPPEER. You can only read from it. You have to store such information a different way, such as using the DB dialplan function.

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You likely want to use the REDIRECTING function for this.

thanks. i fixed the problem with asterisk 13.21.1 and usecallmanager patch, because this commands only works with usecallmanager patch.