FS: Complete solution for Vonage-type services

Dear colleagues,

We offer a new profitable package of services/software for those of you who want to provide Vonage-type services.
The solution consists of VM2000+SM7000+Norfa

Also we do VM and SM upgrades up to the latest versions at affordable price.
If you faced any other problems related to VM and SM configuration, support, installation e.t.c. you are welcome to get professional advice and/or assistance.

Please send your inquiries to


first- this is the wrong place to advertise. Go to www.voip-info.org and create ONE page describing your services. Link other pages to it where appropriate.

Expect this post may be deleted shortly.

Second- you might want to change your email address. I know i would be suspicious dealing with someone named ‘warez craft’.

as IronHelix has implied, blatant advertising isn’t what this forum is about.

but as you have an informative reply, i’ll lock this thread and let it die a death.