Friend don't need to auth when dialing from same IP


when a “friend” (A) registers on an asterisk and a second “friend” (B) dialing from the same IP doesn’t need to authenticate.
no insecure is set. i am using rt with 2 asterisks 1.8rc3 in another network.

in console i can see that friend B was recognized as friend A ans my php script told me that the accountcode is also A.

this is also happening with asterisk 1.6.x but not with 1.4

what am i doing wrong ?
maybe i should try to use insecure=no

(i did not tried this from a third network.)

thanks in advice

Using two peer devices with the same IP address. This is a known limitation (not a bug).

Asterisk is matching the peer on its address.


so why is no authentication necessary? why does it work in 1.4?
how does the billing work in such a case? There are office buildings using one ip adress or Wireless DSL provider which customers have the same ip.

maybe it’s not a bug through definition it’s really annoying and a security issue.

are there any plans to get rid of the limitation ?

thanks for your reply.

for now i am not caching the rt users. ist seems to work