Fresh install of Asterisk@Home, problems

I got .9 installed. I added an extension using the web interface.
I downloaded the xten free softphone. But when I setup the sip proxy settings, it doesn’t seem to register to my asterisk server.
Both my asterisk server and workstation are on the same subnet. In the Xten phone settings I enter my username(extension), password, and the IP of my asterisk server for the sip proxy. I change the enable setting to Yes. But when I click the ‘x’ to close the settings. I just keep reapearing about 5 seconds later.
I was trying to follow the Asterisk@home handbook
But the directions just don’t seem to work.

Thank you for any help.


Have you clicked the “back” button that sends you back to the phone interface?

yep, I’ve used the back button, until I’m back to the main settings. There is no back button for the main settings. so I have to use the ‘x’ in the corner to close it.

thank you

I figured it out. I need to added
Domain/Realm : Name or IP-Address of your Asterisk-box

Hopefully this will help some else testing asterisk.