Freetel@Etel - Free 1 day conf in SF sponsored by O'Reilly

[quote=“O’Reilly”]Simon Ditner and Rabble approached us with the idea of a free conference about how communications technologies are being used for social good. Last year Rabble and Blaine presented a very welcome talk at ETel about how telephone systems were being hacked together with open source code to create social good. The conditions for their day conference were that it had to be free entry and open to all. At ETel we had a spare room and since OReilly has a history of supporting open technology / network groups where possible (FOSCON) we threw our lot behind them in this. We gave them a free room and said “go for it”. In their words:

FreeTel: Calls for Change is a one-day miniconference (February 27th @ ETel) bridging emerging telephony applications and social change. A series of talks and workshops targeting Activists, Advocacy, Fundraisers, and Organizers will be held by Technical Innovators who have been successfully using telephone networks as a powerful tool for social change. A wide breadth of tools will be covered, from traditional membership communication, Get Out The Vote, and call centers, to more recent tools and technologies such as Web 2.0 applications, VoIP, polling, and SMS. The community is invited to brainstorm, discuss needs of advocacy organizations, and share skills in building out these systems.


Participation is completely free and open to all and is funded by OReilly Media and Emerging Telephony. Speaker submissions are welcome and should be done via the wiki.[/quote] - [url=]Link[/url] … create/reg