FreePBX Installation erased HDD

Hi All,
I’m new to FreePBX, have downloaded the installation iso, burned to DVD.
Inserted into my laptop, booted from DVD.
After selecting the Manual installation option, it showed some graphical menu for a second and started the installation automatically. It’s appeared that it have erased the whole main HDD and started the installation on it. I lost the whole HDD data without any notifications…

Is it normal?

The FreePBX forum is located at - this is the Asterisk forum.

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Starting installation without confirmation is not normal, but overwriting the disk is the usual intent and outcome of booting an OS installation ISO.

Sounds kind of like the ’ Alec Baldwin’ defense :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I was hoping to see liveCD version and decide if I want to install it. Instead it just began the installation without any asking or warnings, which ended up in losing 120Gb of important HDD data.
Long time to recover.
The worst idea ever.

You are complaining in the wrong place. Joshua has already pointed you to a better place.

Sorry, I’m stupid, didn’t notice the previous message.
Thank you.
Will go to complain to a better place. :slight_smile:

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