FreePBX Call Center Call Loop

Freepbx Version: 10.13.66-1.
Asterisk Version: 11.23.1.
Issue: When i see the dashboard i see 700 Calls at same time.
Section: Call Center Queue.
Problem: PBX Stop Working
Temp Solution: core restart now

1 - Test delete and recreate the Queue and the same error.
2 - Verify extension loop(dialplan is ok) no loop detect.

1 - Upgrade PBX?
2 - Report as bug?
3 - Disasble Queue?
4 - Wait for support on the forum?

As this is FreePBX, you should first ask the FreePBX community for assistance. They’ll have more information and knowledge about how their call queuing is setup, and whether or not it is an issue with FreePBX or your scenario.

sorry my bad! wrong community