Forwarding voicemails plays wrong name of recipient


The users had switched phones a while ago, and not recorded their names. When forwarding the voicemail, it played the name of the previous user.

They still haven’t recorded their names two weeks later, I’m now recording my voice say their name, and going to copy the greet files to their voicemail accounts. LOL

After upgrading a client from 1.4 to, they began experiencing various troubles with voicemail forwarding.

One of them was a wrong name given back when forwarding the mail.


You forward a mail to ext 100, but the name of ext 200 actually plays.

Messages are sent to 100 however.

I’m reluctant to suggest another upgrade
Any ideas on fixing it ?

I just tried on my and I get the same message…now do you want to report it on the bug reports?

user error