Format_wav_gsm.c: Unable to set our position

Hi, I have a version of Asterisk 11.6 installed. I had the following error in some extensions and my system collapses.

[Nov 9 09:09:29] WARNING[394][C-0000053f] format_wav_gsm.c: Unable to set our position

I have two more Asterisk installations with the same configuration and that error does not happen.

Asterisk 11 it is deprecated the best fix is to upgrade , checking at the source code at thislink there are 3 posible causes why you got this warning all associated with the fseek function

Hi, i can’t update the asterisk, but i have two installations more of Asterisk 11.6 in CentOs 6 and work fine.

I realize multiples compiles and installs and nothing works.

I revise the code, but i don’t understand the causes.

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