Forget password

I forgot password for Flash Operator Panel, and Meet me panel, however i am owner of root SSH login, Can you please help me for knowing/resetting these passwords.

Please help :cry:

do you remember where you set it ? try /var/www/html/panel/op_server.cfg ???

I tried security code over there but it also don’t work at all following is code of that file please suggest the username and password in that.

; host or ip address of asterisk

; user and secret for connecting to * manager

; The optional event_mask for filtering manager events.
; Asterisk will send only the events you request
; with this parameter. Possible values are:
; on, off, system, call, log, verbose
; You can specify many asterisk servers to
; monitor. Just repeat the manager_host, manager_user
; and manager_secret parameters in order. The first
; one will be server number 1, and so on.
; manager_host=
; manager_user=admin
; manager_secret=amp111

; Enable MD5 auth to Asterisk manager

; port to listen for inbound flash connections, default 4445

; hostname or ip address used to connect to the webserver where
; the flash movie resides (just the hostname, without directories)
; This value might be omited. In that case the flash movie will
; try to connect to the same host as the web page.

; location of the .swf file in your disk (must reside somewhere
; inside your web root)

; secret code for performing hangups and transfers

; Frequency in second to poll for sip and iax status

; Poll for voicemail status (only necesary when you access the
; voicemail directories outside asterisk itself - eg. web access)

; 1 Enable automatic hangup of zombies
; 0 Disable

; Debug level to stdout (bitmap)
; 1   Manager Events Received
; 2   Manager Commands Sent
; 4   Show Flash events Received
; 8   Show events sent to Flash Clients
; 16  Server 1st Debug Level
; 32  Server 2nd Debug Level
; 64  Server 3rd Debug Level
; Eg: to display manager events and
; commands sent set it to 3 (1+2)
; Maximum debug level 255

; Default language to use (op_lang_XX.cfg file)

; Context in your diaplan where you have the conferences for barge in
; Example:
; meetme.conf
; [rooms]
; conf => 900
; conf => 901
; conf => 902
; extensions.conf
; [conferences]
; exten => 900,1,MeetMe(900)
; exten => 901,1,MeetMe(901)
; exten => 902,1,MeetMe(902)

; Meetme room numbers to use for barge in. The room number must match
; the extension number (see above).

; When doing barge ins, you can make the 3rd party to start
; the meetme muted, so the other parties wont notice they are
; now being monitored

; Formatting of the callerid field
; where 'x' is a number

; If you want not to show the callerid on the buttons, set this
; to one

; To display the ip address of sip or iax peer inside the button
; set this to 1

; Will change the button label on AgentLogin

; Will change the button label on Agentcallbacklogin

; Will rename the label for a wildcard button

; Will rename to the name specified in agents.conf
; If disabled the renaming will be Agent/XXXX

; Will display IDLE time for agents, as well as
; update the queue status after an agent hangs up
; the call, so you don't need to reload to get
; queue statistics

; Will rename labels for queuemembers
; If you use addqueuemember in your dialplan, you
; can fake an AgengLogin event by sending it with
; the UserEvent application. Eg:
; exten => 25,1,AddQueueMember(sales|SIP/${CALLERIDNUM}
; exten => 25,2,UserEvent(Agentlogin|Agent: ${CALLERIDNUM});
; exten => 25,3,Answer
; exten => 25,4,Playback(added-to-sales-queue)
; exten => 25,5,Hangup
; exten => 26,1,RemoveQueueMember(sales|SIP/${CALLERIDNUM})
; exten => 26,2,UserEvent(RefreshQueue);
; exten => 26,3,Answer
; exten => 26,4,Playback(removed-from-sales-queue)
; exten => 26,5,Hangup

; Will change the led color when the agent logs in
; The color is configurable in op_style.cfg

; If set to 1, you will transfer the linked channel instead
; of the current channel when you drag the icon on a button

; If enabled, it will not ask forthe  security code
; when performing a click to dial

; Enable select box with absolutetimeout for the call after
; a transfer is performed within the panel
transfer_timeout= "0,No timeout|300,5 minutes|600,10 minutes|1200,20 minutes|2400,40 minutes|3000,50 minutes"

; If set to 1, when hitting the reload button on the flash
; client it will instead restart the 1st asterisk box
; (For asterisk to restart you have to start it with
; safe_asterisk, if you dont do that, asterisk will just
; shut down)
enable_restart     = 0

; If you set this parameter to your voicemailmain
; extension@context, it will originate a call to
; voicemailmain when double clicking on the MWI icon
; for any button.
voicemail_extension = 3000@features

; You can have panel contexts with their own
; button layout and configuration. The following entry
; will create a context called sip with a different
; security code. In the online documentation you will
; find how to use contexts
;transfer_timeout="0,No timeout|60,1 minute"

there’s nothing like an A@H user to lighten a sunday evening !

when you installed the system you followed the instructions and used something like “passwd-meetme” and “passwd-maint” on the console to set some security. perhaps you could try the same again ?