Force Asterisk to renew IP address of peer

Today we had an issue where a user couldn’t register their device because the IP of their device changed and Asterisk wouldn’t pick up the new IP. I turned on SIP debugging and it showed that registration attempts were coming from their new IP but the OPTIONS response was going to the old IP.

Is there a command I can run that will force asterisk to renew the device IP? I imagine this should happen automatically but for some reason it didn’t. Our users will typically switch on and off of a VPN throughout the day so their IP address can change multiple times a day.

2.2. Update of Contact List

Bob SIP Server
| |
| 200 OK F2 |
| |

Bob wishes to update the list of addresses where the SIP server will
redirect or forward INVITE requests.

Bob sends a SIP REGISTER request to the SIP server. Bob’s request
includes an updated contact list. Since the user already has
authenticated with the server, the user supplies authentication
credentials with the request and is not challenged by the server. The
SIP server validates the user’s credentials. It registers the user
in its contact database, updates the user’s contact list, and returns
a response (200 OK) to Bob’s SIP client. The response includes the
user’s current contact list in Contact headers.

This is done automatically

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