For queues

Respected all,
i created 1 queues in queues.conf it’s name like this
strategy = roundrobin
maxlen = 0
;monitor-format = wav
;monitor-type = MixMonitor
context = test
;timeout = 15
announce-frequency = 30
announce-holdtime = yes
;announce-position = yes
joinempty = yes
member => Agent/4000
member => Agent/4001
member => Agent/4002
member => Agent/4003

now i want to make a single call from the server this all 4 users are in sales queues and all are login
i want to know the info/events of the users are connecting.before my call are connected to that perticulur users.

means how can i know my call is connecting that user Before call is connected(i want to get connected user info)?

i want to store this info into mysql databases
so how can i do this?

use core show application queue and review the options to the queue app.