For Asterisk@Home Users!

There are two main camps that appear to be posting here on the Digium/Asterisk forums. Those who deal with Asterisk ‘core’ and those who deal with Asterisk@Home.

Asterisk@Home is a great project that has brought Asterisk to a much larger audience. The issue is that those that deal in Asterisk core do not necessarily know all of the ins and outs of the wrappers (ie - Asterisk Management Portal /AMP) that make Asterisk@Home what it is. Therefore the resident ‘gurus’ here are not such gurus when it comes to A@H.

There is now a new page on the Wiki that may assist the A@H users: … dbook+Wiki

Hopefully this may assist with some issues as well as grow (feel free to contribute, it is a Wiki!) to become a major knowledgebase of all things A@H, it is a community effort so the users need to build this into something useful for all.