Followme skip voicemail

Hi Gurus,

I have a question about the follow me application.

I wanted to setup the followme to skip an extension if it’s configured as voicemail if not available.


extension 50001 has a followme (50002 and 50003).

If there’s an incoming call to 50001, the call will fall through 50002 and 50003.

What if the ext 50002 is not available and configured with a voicemail.

In this scenario, the followme will still go to 50002 voicemail but will continue the followme to 50003.

I wanted to skip the 50002 voicemail so that it wont leave any message. Is this possible ?



as a followup, i’m thinking of doing a gotoif in the dialplan of 50002 like the one below.


  1. If application is FollowMe set dialstatus = busy. This is to skip the voicemail if the call is from follow me.
  2. if application is not followMe, then go to voicemail.

How can i configure this in asterisk?