Followme. Parsing Arguments [RESOLVED]

Hello again!

Is there anyway to parse arguments though app_followme ??

I’ve read somewere that it is possible , but I counld’n make it work :confused:

I have the following lines in the extensions.conf

exten => 2000.,1,Answer()
exten => 2000.,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})
exten => 2000.,n,Followme(2000, 2001)

And in the followme.conf:

[2000] ; example
music =>default
context =>internal
number =>${ARG1} ; I would expect the 2001 argument to be parsed here

Is it implemented?
Is there something wrong?

Thank you!

It is not implemented. See the solution I posted on your other thread for a way to make the numbers dynamic.