[Followme] Billing bugs?

Hello all,

I’m testing some asterisk app and at this moment, i try to use Followme App.
No issues with realtime, but billsec field comportement is strange.

I create two followmeNumbers :

  • One with an internal extension
  • Another one with a mobile phone number

I make a call to 7000 (extension for followme) and my phones ringing. A refuse to take the call with my internal extension, and a take the call with my mobile.
So asterisk use operator thrunk, and in CDR table, billsec for this outgoing call is set to 1sec.

This comportent is normal ? Any options to set the billsec field with the right value ?

Thanks in advance,

Channel Event Logging (CEL) has replaced CDRs for all but the simplest of cases, as trying to fix CDRs in edge case just broke them for other cases. They require more work from the biling software, but that is because the underlying complexity of the problem is exposed.

Hello David55,

Thanks for your reply. I understand the reason, and i find the same answer on CEL description (asterisk wiki).
CEL is more complex, more informations are logged … Some more complexity for billing and more “message” to handle on DB (thanks mongo).
So for now, i will only use CDR and try to developpe a web app with the best billing with this data, CEL will become on a second time.

Thanks for your answer.