"Follow Me" not honoring trunk sequence

Running an Asterisk certified/13.13-cert1 server on CentOS 6.

Server is configured with 2 trunks. Trunk #1 is the primary SIP provider & Trunk #2 is the secondary SIP provider. Trunk #2 is only exercised when Trunk #1 goes offline.

This redundancy works for the most part & was achieved by leveraging these two options:

  • Defining “qualify=yes” for trunk #1 SIP settings (this then monitors the trunk & marks it offline when unavailable for => 2s)
  • Defining a trunk sequence (Trunk #1 first, Trunk #2 second) for matching outbound routes (this then rolls over to the 2nd trunk, when warranted)

That said, it seems that any “Follow Me” related call does not honor this setup. Instead, it automatically uses the 2nd trunk.

For example, if extension 123 is setup to ring an off-site # (after some amount of seconds of a non-answer), this call wrongly goes through the 2nd trunk every single time. Normal outbound calls do not do this. They honor the trunk sequence. It is only “Follow Me” related actions that do not.

Trying the forum before considering it a bug worth reporting. Appreciate any/all help! Thanks.

You’re going to need to show a console log and describe how this “Follow Me” is setup.

Gotchya. Thanks for the reply.

Apparently the log output exceeds the post max characters and, as a new user, I can’t upload attachments. Had to dump log to http instead:


The log details the following:

(1) Me, via IVR menu, dialing extension “127”
(2) Me not answering
(3) Follow Me, based on a ringallv2 strategy & “Follow Me List” defined as “127” followed by “9172396438#”, incorrectly routing the outbound call through the second “Vitelity” trunk. Note that this does not appear isolated to only the “Follow Me” settings defined for this particular extension. It does appear reproducible for any extension with any sort of Follow Me config in place.

This appears to be FreePBX. I’d suggest using their forum as they write the dialplan logic and functionality for that.

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You’re right. It sounds like I wrongly assumed that the FreePBX stuff just sits on top of Asterisk. Didn’t realize it actually takes over some level of functionality.

Pardon the noise then. Really appreciate you redirecting me, though!

It’s more a case that Asterisk provides a low level tool kit, but things like trunks are synthesized on top of that took kit.