Flash operator panel

Hi, I’ve been creating and deleting queues and trunks while setting up my system. However, when I go to the flash operator panel those old trunks and queues are still showing in the operator panel. I have tried to re-load my configuration from the panel but unfortunatley that didn’t clear the old configuration information. I have also tried to restart the system hoping that would clear things out but no luck.

Has anyone else ran into the same problem and if so, do you have any fix recommendations?



are you using A@H ? if so, and you’re using AMP to make your changes, the op_buttons etc files should be updated automatically, otherwise you’re going to have to get into the files and set them up yourself … which is actually the best way to do it, you get the setup you want, not what they think you want.

Ahhh, that may explain it. I’m using Asterisk@home with the AMP. It was a fairly easy install for a beginner like myself but I’m running into some of the short commings of the software. I’ve ran into another problem where I had to go in and manually tweak a couple of configuration files.

Thanks for your assistance!


That worked like a charm. Thanks again!

Here’s the configuration info for others running Asterisk@home…

Directory: /var/www/html/panel
File: ops_buttons_additonal.cfg

Just edit the ops_buttons_additonal.cfg file and make the necessary changes. You may want to start by remarking out those buttons (#) that you no longer need first and test it out. You can always delete later.