First time!

i need Telephony card that will be able to receive phone calls and to put callers through an automated menu, where they can choose various options by pressing their keypads
and seving it to the server or pc…

i want that all kind of phones will be able to call…from mobiles+cables and regular providers.(analog)

i need that simultaneously the system will be able to answer maximum to 8 users

trixbox good for me?
why everyone i ask tell me that trixbox is better but not easy to install??
what kind of hardware do work best with asterisk and will be best for my needs:)

You can use TDM2400P with 2 module

Tribox use freepbx interface and good for use

what kind of modules?
the pci card that i need called wildcard? wildcard is the type card that i need?
what is the main diffrence between

do i need to buy additional moduls exept the card?

my plan i sto buy pci card- to plug it into my old Pentium 3 and to plug straight from the wall the phone line without no fax or phone between…you can call it Wall2CARD:)
on the photo of … DM808BF-01
i see 8 inputs for phone line cable…why do i need then all the moduls?

you can use this … DM808BF-01

but if you want to add more than 8 user you must change your card

suppose i got 8…in the future i will be able to add modul or another card right?
or i will need to unplug that one and buy a new one with more fxo’s?

If you buy a card which can support 8 line you must change your card while you want to add more than 8 but if you buy a card which can support more than 8 line you can buy a modules after you want to add a new line