First Ext keeps losing Dial plan

Afternoon (UK) all

having a problem with the first ext number i created, in total i have 3.

but every so often the first always looses the Dial Plan and if i go back into it to re add, it adds commas in fields and duplicates what ive already put in for others.

The other 2 never have this problem - anyone had this before




Apologies :

if i go by the ISO Image 1.7.1 but it shows Asterisk/ + Asterisk GUI-version : SVN–rexported on the web console.

again sorry about this screenshots below :

below is what happens when i have to go back in to edit

i thought an upgrade would help so went to 1.8 then found out the GUI isnt fully finished. so reinstalled 1.6 then installed the GUI manually and it seems ok now but the only prob i have is that IE wont show the login box but firefox works fine lol.

Cheers anyway for the help, much appreciated