FiOS and VoIP

Hi everyone,

Before I begin, I will just say I am probably the biggest newb in the world when it comes to any type telephony so if your still with me after reading this sentence, I appreciate it :smile:

I provide IT services to a client that has a Asterisk phone system and wants to get more bandwidth by adding a Verizon FiOS Business line. My question is: Is it possible to have the FiOS handle the VoIP traffic instead of a T1 (thats what they currently use)? My reason for asking here is I wanted to get an unbiased opinion from experts not looking to make a ISP sale :smile:

Thank you for reading and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Since you stated that the T1 is handling their VoIP traffic, I would have to assume that is a data T1. If that is so, then the T1 is nothing more than a network pipe, of 1.5Mb. Changing over to Fios, which is a fiber connection just changes your network pipe to a faster one (speed is dependent on your wallet). So for a VoIP side, little should have to change.